Sandy and Roger

By Sandy Cohen and Roger Cormier

When a delivery person dropped off a package at our home, we asked him how he was doing. He responded, “Tired and blessed.” We started thinking about how what we are given can balance out the work, tiredness and down side of our lives as we grow older.

Many expressions remind us about blessings. Some of them, like “Count your blessings” and “blessings in disguise,” encourage us to live with the awareness that much is given to us separate from our efforts or even through difficult or adverse experiences. What is a blessing and how does it relate to our being tired? What does it have to do with growing older?

Blessings come in many forms like unconditional love, healthy genes, unplanned opportunities, an even disposition and sunny days and starry nights. Many people credit their God for blessings. Others attribute them to blind but good fortune. A common conviction is that what we give comes back to us.

Tiredness can help us focus on our blessings. A good tiredness is the condition we experience after giving ourselves 100 percent to something we believe in or intensely enjoy. A tired state can be much more conducive to counting our blessings than a frenetic state of trying to get many things done in a limited time while worrying that we won’t get it all done or will miss something more important than what is on our to do list. Phew! Just writing that sentence made us tired.

Getting older does not necessarily mean getting wiser. Many people sadly carry a negative attitude and complaining spirit not only into their older years but also to their grave. Others seem to be born, grow up and grow older with a smile on their face and a focus on their blessings in the face of trials and tribulations.


Most of us live with a blend of gratefulness and complaint. Getting into our later years can occasion a shift to not only a stinging awareness of what we have lost but also a warming and enlivening appreciation of what we have, what is given to us and what we can give to ourselves, others and our threatened planet. Such shifts are possible and often occur at tired times when blessings, fresh or from yesteryear, settle into our minds and hearts.

As tired as the delivery person was, he broke into a smile as he added that he was blessed, and then his whole face lit up as he shared that he does deliveries only half time but also does handyman work. He proudly referred to his tools and excellent references and then headed to his truck with a slightly lighter step.