GROWING older challenges us to rethink certain things. It’s not that we haven’t thought about them before. It’s just that as we age, our thoughts and decisions are based on more experience and on a more compelling awareness that our days on earth are limited.

This rethinking doesn’t start at any particular time or stage in life.

An “old soul” in his 30s may reexamine his career and personal goals just as avidly as someone in her 50s. The former may have enough time for multiple careers, and the latter may be wondering whether or not to retire. In reality neither of them knows how much time they have left. A review is valuable at any age or stage in life.

Although your situation is unique, you’re not alone in rethinking things. Many people in your life and your community are revisiting or visiting for the first time some of the same questions you are asking yourself. Here are some topics that you might examine so you can GROW as you get OLDER.

Beliefs. Whatever you know and wonder about the origin of the universe and your own nature as a human being, what are your real feelings about your purpose and destiny? Do you rely on a personal transcendent being for spiritual sustenance and meaning? Do you feel that your temporal life is all you have, and you want to savor and share it as best you can?

Or, are you a spiritual seeker who hopes to find peace and fulfillment as you yearn for faith and wrestle with doubt? If your spiritual journey is weighing on you, is it time to seek out fellow travelers?

Relationships. How well do you know, love and forgive yourself? Is outward activity crowding out time to be alone in silence or nature or a sacred space or practice? Are you nurturing lifetime relationships with family, friends and people who share your values or do you worry that you may find yourself unconnected and lonely in your later years?

Work and play. Are you growing and finding satisfaction in your work?

If not, what is keeping you from making a needed change? Are you balancing your work with your family life and your personal and leisure interests? Are you retired and not knowing what to do with yourself? Are you playing so hard that it feels like work? What’s a realistic first step you can take today to move toward a better balance?

Justice. There’s so much wrong with our world that it’s tempting to become cynical and disengaged. As complex and intransigent as social injustice and armed conflict are today, we can find hopefulness and take action in our own way. Robert F. Kennedy’s words resound: “Some people see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not?”

There are many ways to right wrongs and improve our world. Are you contributing to our political process during this important election season? Have you looked into opportunities for community service? Are you an activist who needs to find and connect with a group of common purpose to bolster your morale?

The ancient philosopher Socrates said: “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Re-examining our lives at any age can lead to greater wisdom, renewed vitality and dreams that never were but will be.